Hi Everyone!

I'm looking forward to seeing you! Here is some information on what to expect when you come to see me. Please read through and then submit your name below so that I know you saw it! These rules have been dictated by the state and county, if you have any questions please feel free to call or text me.


When you get to the salon please stay in your car and text or call me to let me know you have arrived. Once I am ready for you, I will let you know to come on in.


Masks are required to be worn by both of us at all times while inside the salon. If you are coming in for a color service, please bring an ear loop disposable mask if you have one. If you do not have one or forgot yours, please let me know and I will bring one out to you before you come in.


At this time only the current client is allowed to be in the salon. 


When you come in please use the hand sanitizer or go to the bathroom and wash your hands before sitting down at my station.


I will take my temperature each day before I begin working, and I may also take yours before we begin. Please let me know if you aren't feeling well and we will reschedule. We are not allowed to be working on anybody showing symptoms.


Beverages and snacks will not be allowed in the salon at this time.


I will be implementing contactless payment. I have a new card reader that will accept chip cards as well as NFC payments (apple or android pay/ mobile wallet, etc) if that is something you already use. I also can take Paypal, Venmo, whatever you are comfortable with! I will also no longer require signatures on card payments.


Thank you all so much for your patience and continued support during this time. I really appreciate it and I'm so excited I get to see you! Please enter your name below, click the circle and hit submit!

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