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Hey there Lovely Lady!

I’m Caralyn, though you can just call me Cara.


Originally I’m from Connecticut, but now I proudly serve the community here in the South Bay.

I started doing hair when I was a teenager, always getting friends ready for prom and later for their weddings, until eventually in 2008 I realized I should get my license and make it my full-time job!

Before that I had gotten my BFA in dance and had worked in costumes, wigs and make up for regional theaters and Cirque du Soleil. Although my work in theater on the east coast and as a freelance hairstylist in the entertainment industry here in Southern California have both given me a diverse amount of experience, I have shifted to exclusively working in the salon because it's where I am the happiest. It's like home to me.

I truly enjoy my work as a stylist, as well as spending time with my family. In my free time you’ll find me taking dance classes and performing in local productions of musicals, sometimes alongside my daughter!

As a stylist, I understand your need to feel like the best version of yourself and it has been my mission to provide my clients an experience where they can feel comfortable, relaxed, and transformed.

I specialize in gray coverage and keeping those roots at bay, and my goal is to get you back to feeling like yourself as quickly as possible and help you have a great time with me while doing it!


You can pretty much always count on me to have some story to tell you about my adventures outside of the salon. Whether it's something hilarious my seven-year-old daughter did or some situation my German shepherd puppy has gotten us into again, you know I will always make you laugh! (When I see you ask me to tell you the squirrel story...)

I consider my clients my friends, and I always look forward to catching up with them. If this sounds like an environment that would make you feel happy and at ease, give me a call! You can check out my Service menu here or contact me one of several ways here!

I can’t wait to meet you!


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